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My Workers Comp Check Is Late!

If you are on workers comp, you need your benefits to be paid on time, so you can pay your bills.  Your landlord, the electric company or the bank that financed your car will likely not care why your payment is late.  They just want their money. As an experienced workers’ comp lawyer, I know… Read more »

Is Workers’ Comp Paying Me the Right Amount?

The amount that workers’ comp pays you is based on your average weekly wage during the last 13 weeks before your injury. However, your employer’s insurance carrier only has to pay you up to a certain maximum amount.  If your pre-accident earnings were high, you may get a smaller percentage of your wages because your… Read more »

America’s 10 Most Dangerous Jobs

Although it is certainly possible to be injured at any job, some occupations are far more dangerous than others. The job market in Florida is a bit different than that of the rest of the country. As a result, the most dangerous jobs in Florida are not necessarily the most dangerous jobs in the rest… Read more »

When to hire a Gainesville, Florida Worker’s Comp Attorney

In a perfect world, the workers’ compensation system would provide fair and timely medical care and disability benefits for injured employees.  Unfortunately, our current system is designed to benefit employers and insurance companies more than injured workers. Many employers and insurance companies have highly experienced attorneys working for them to ensure that they pay few,… Read more »


Can a Workers Comp case also be a Personal Injury case?

What is the difference between filing personal injury claim and a workers’ compensation claim? If you get injured while working, then you would of course file a worker’s compensation claim.  But if your injury was caused by someone who did not work for your company, you will also have a liability claim against that person and/or… Read more »

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Top 10 Reasons Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Could be Denied

The vast majority of Florida employers are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage.  Unfortunately, just because your employer is covered, that doesn’t mean your claim won’t be denied. Filing for workers’ comp is not as easy as you may think.  By knowing why claims are denied, you may have a chance at avoiding a denial… Read more »

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