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Why Do I Need A Social Security Lawyer?

Many individuals who have paid Social Security taxes all of their life are surprised to discover how challenging it can be to get a disability claim approved when they are clearly hurting and unable to work. In fact, some become so frustrated with the process that they abandon their attempt to obtain disability benefits that they rightly deserve.

Working with a lawyer who is familiar with Administrative Law Judge hearings and who understands the Social Security Administration’s rules and regulations can mean the difference between receiving disability benefits and walking away empty handed. At the Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC, we cannot guarantee that your claim for disability benefits will be approved. No attorney can make that promise. But we can assure you that your case will be supported with the most pertinent medical information available and presented in the most thorough manner possible.

We aim to maximize the benefits that you recover while minimizing the risk of investing money without getting a return.  In fact, we eliminate that risk. We only collect a fee if we recover a lump sum in back pay for you.

We Know How To Successfully Appeal Denied Claims

If you are visiting this portion of our website, it is most likely because a claim for disability benefits by you or a family member has been denied. If your first level of appeal — a request for reconsideration — has been turned down, your next step is to request an ALJ hearing. You can appear at an ALJ hearing without legal counsel, but statistically speaking, your chances of successfully appealing a denied disability claim are much greater when you have an experienced attorney like Christopher J. Annis in your corner.

In an appeal, you only get one bite at the apple. A knowledgeable Social Security Disability lawyer like Christopher J. Annis plays several important roles, including:

  • Reviewing your medical records to ensure that the ALJ has all information available
  • Requesting any medical information that is missing prior to your ALJ hearing
  • Obtaining reports from your doctors to answer the specific questions the SSA wants answered
  • Referring you to a specialist if that is necessary to support your case
  • Preparing you for the questions that you will most likely be asked by a judge and advising you on your answers
  • Cross-examining a vocational expert who may testify at your hearing

Don’t Face the Government Alone

Typically, the only person at an ALJ hearing for the first time is the injured party who is trying to explain why they should receive benefits.  Do you really want to be there alone?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation, or call 352-264-1910. We will give you a candid assessment of your case. We work with clients throughout North Florida from our office in Gainesville.  If your injuries have limited your mobility, we are always happy to come to you.

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