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10 Ways The Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC Can Help You

The personal injury, workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability systems can be complex and frustrating—especially if you don’t have an experienced professional to help you. A knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer can help to tip the scales in your favor when you are confronted by the power of a large insurance company or the government.

Selecting the right attorney to help you can often seem like an equally difficult task given the number of attorneys practicing law in Florida.  Attorneys bombard the public with advertisements on TV, the internet and billboards.  They may even send mail directly to your home.  I want my website to show you how I can help you with your legal situation and level the playing field between you and the insurance company and/or government.  Here are ten reasons why you should consider the Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC to help you with your personal injury, workers’ compensation or Social Security case.

  • We understand you. – The Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC practices exclusively in the areas of personal injury, workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability. We represent ordinary people in their claims against large insurance companies, corporations and the government.  We do not help big insurance companies, corporations or the government “on the side” as some law firms do.
  • We understand insurance companies. – Mr. Annis has been practicing law for over 18 years. For a few years during that time, Mr. Annis represented insurance companies, so he understands the strategy and tactics insurance companies may use to try to minimize your claim.
  • We understand the law. – Annis has 18 years of experience practicing law in Gainesville, Florida. Personal injury, workers’ compensation and Social Security are the only areas of law Mr. Annis practices.  We stay informed about new developments in the law and how they can impact your case.
  • We understand the area. – Mr. Annis graduated the University of Florida College of Law in 1997 and has been practicing in Gainesville ever since. He is familiar with judges, lawyers, doctors and insurance adjusters throughout north Florida.  Our firm knows the tactics, inclinations and personalities of individuals in the insurance industry and government throughout the area and can use that information to your advantage.
  • We understand medical issues. – In his 18 years of experience, Mr. Annis has handled cases involving an enormous variety of orthopedic and neurologic issues. He has dealt with neck and back injuries, shoulder and knee injuries, head and brain injuries, nearly every part of the body including rare and unusual conditions, diseases and injuries.
  • We are a small firm. – Mr. Annis is committed to maintaining a solo (one attorney) law practice. He believes that the best way to help individual people is through personal, on-on-one attention.  He has one paralegal assisting him and can guarantee he will not pass your case off to a junior attorney.  There is no junior attorney to pass the case off to.
  • We will not charge you a fee unless we win. – All fees earned by the Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC are on a contingency basis. This means that we only take a percentage of what we earn for you if we win or settle your case.  If we don’t get anything for you, there is no fee.
  • We will call you back. – The small size of our firm enables us to be much more attentive to our clients than most large law firms. We are committed to returning calls within 24 hours and will not try to dodge your questions or hide from you like many attorneys do.  Don’t be surprised if Mr. Annis is the one who answers the phone when you call.
  • We offer free consultations. – If you just have a question about a legal matter or aren’t sure if you even need to hire an attorney yet, give us a call to talk about it. Consultations are free, and if Mr. Annis can’t help you himself, he can refer you to an excellent local professional who can.
  • We can refer you to other top professionals. – Mr. Annis’ knowledge of the local area enables him to refer his clients to the best local professionals to assist his clients with matters outside his area of expertise. We can get you to the right doctors to help you with your injury or disability claim.  You may also need other legal help at this time – bankruptcy, divorce, child support, criminal law – Mr. Annis knows other excellent local attorneys that we can team up with to help resolve whatever issues you may have.

The Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC is proud to help its clients with their legal issues. From answering their questions to providing them with legal service and advice, the Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC is there for its clients and stands by them through their personal injury, disability or workers’ compensation claims.

Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Working for You

The Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC is dedicated to providing strong legal representation for clients with personal injury, disability or workers’ compensation cases. We are proud to serve Gainesville and Lake City, Florida and the surrounding areas and counties. We want to ensure that our clients feel comfortable working with us and that they understand the legal process from start to finish. We never leave our clients behind.

Here are the types of cases we handle on a regular basis:

Workers’ Compensation: If you’ve been injured in a work-related accident, you need a workers’ compensation lawyer. The Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC is experienced in the workers’ comp claim process up to and including trial.  If your worker’s compensation claim has been denied, we can help.

Social Security Disability (SSD): If you are no longer able to work due to an injury or illness, then you may qualify for Social Security Disability or SSD benefits.  Applying for SSD benefits can be a long and challenging process. This is why it is best to work with a Social Security Disability attorney.  We can assist disabled individuals through the appeal process to obtain their SSD benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI): If you do not qualify for SSD benefits, then you may qualify for SSI benefits.  Although the requirements for SSI are rigorous, you can find out your chances for SSI by calling us today.

Personal Injury Law: Regardless of the type of accident or injury, the Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC is capable of handling a wide variety of personal injury cases. We will work diligently to obtain a proper settlement to compensate you for your injuries and losses.

Speak with Christopher J. Annis Today

If you have reason to believe you have a case, then call us today for a free consultation. We offer free consultations, so it costs nothing to talk to us. We also work on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay legal fees unless you win your case. So, you have nothing to lose by calling us!

For more information on how we can help you with your case, contact us online or call 352-264-1910 today. We will schedule a free consultation with Mr. Annis himself.  Tight schedule?  No problem. We also offer evening and weekend appointments, if needed. Having difficulty getting around? You don’t have to worry about that either. We can travel to you if you cannot come to us.

With offices in Gainesville, Florida, our Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Personal Injury firm is ideally situated to serve clients in Gainesville, Lake City, Live Oak, Ocala and throughout North Florida.


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