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Florida Workers’ Compensation Claims for Construction Accidents

In the construction industry, workers’ compensation accidents are extremely common.

If you work in the construction industry, your work environment is fast-paced and highly dangerous.  According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 20.5 percent of workplace fatalities in 2014 were in the construction industry.

Just like other lines of work, construction companies in Florida are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. If you are injured on a construction site, the Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC can provide experienced representation and legal advice.

Dangerous Aspects of Construction

According to OSHA, four types of accidents were responsible for 58.1 percent of construction site deaths in 2014. OSHA refers to these types of accidents as the “fatal four.”  Eliminating the fatal four would save 508 workers’ lives in America every year.  The fatal four consist of:

  • Falls — 349 out of 874 total deaths in construction in 2014 (39.9%)
  • Electrocutions — 74 (8.5%)
  • Struck by Object — 73 (8.4%)
  • Caught-in/between — 12 (1.4%)

Construction sites involve rapid movement, heavy machinery, and workers who are often distracted by performing multiple tasks.  While these factors account for many construction injuries, OSHA keeps track of the most commonly violated safety standards.  The ten most common safety violations in 2014 were:

  • Fall protection
  • Hazard communication
  • Scaffolding requirements and construction
  • Respiratory protection
  • Powered industrial trucks
  • Control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout)
  • Ladders
  • Electrical, wiring methods, components and equipment
  • Machinery and machine guarding
  • Electrical systems design

Mr. Annis has 18 years of experience working with construction accident victims, the Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC provides experienced advice regarding construction injuries, including:

  • Spinal cord injury (SCI) and paralysis
  • Bone fractures and crushing
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Head and facial injuries – including loss of vision and hearing
  • Electrocution and burns
  • Amputation and loss of function
  • Exposure to hazardous materials

Florida Construction Accidents and Third-Party Claims

If you have been injured on the job, then you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  If a company other than the one you work for was responsible for your injury, you may also have a civil claim against that company outside of workers’ comp.  Such claims can be very valuable, but the third-party and their insurance company will likely work hard to avoid liability, so consult a Florida construction accident attorney immediately.

If you are injured at a construction job, obtain medical attention, report your injury to your employer, and contact our office in Gainesville, Florida.  Mr. Annis has the skill and experience to ensure you receive the appropriate benefits and compensation for your injuries.

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