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Will My Job Be Affected If I Make A Claim?

Many injured workers are afraid to make a workers’ compensation claim or retain an attorney to help them with their claim because they are afraid that their employer will become upset and they will lose their job.  Florida law states that “no employer shall discharge, threaten to discharge, intimidate or coerce any employee by reason of such employee’s valid claim for compensation or attempt to claim compensation under the workers’ compensation law.”

An injured worker who can show that he or she has been fired by an employer as a direct result of filing a workers’ compensation claim can file a civil lawsuit against the employer.  This is called a wrongful termination claim.  You may even be able to initiate a civil action against your employer if you can show that your employer is harassing you as a result of your workers’ compensation claim.

Some common scenarios include:

  • Your employer falsely accuses you of stealing something
  • Your employer accuses you of being insubordinate and you have no history of insubordination
  • Your employer conspires with co-workers to accuse you of doing something you didn’t do
  • Your employer changes your work environment so that it becomes so hostile or unsafe that you are forced to resign
  • Your employer knowingly alters your work schedule to make it impossible for you to continue your job

An Injury Attorney Who Tailors Legal Guidance to Suit Your Needs

The Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC, in Gainesville, will protect your rights while working to maximize the amount of workers’ compensation benefits you recover.  Mr. Annis has been practicing law in Gainesville since 1997.  The Law Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLC is completely focused on representing injured individuals.

Mr. Annis is familiar with the strategies insurance providers and employers use to limit the amount of benefits they pay out or to deny claims altogether. He has successfully resolved thousands of workers’ compensation cases for clients throughout North Central Florida.

If you have noticed a change in the attitude of your employer since you made your workers’ compensation claim, you are not alone.  Many injured workers find that, even though they were a star employee prior to making their work comp claim, their employer turns on them and treats them like dirt after they sustain a work injury.

Don’t Go It Alone — Work With a Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The most important step you can take to protect your rights is to meet with our Florida workers’ compensation attorney. We represent injured individuals throughout North Central Florida, including residents of Alachua, Bradford, Clay, Putnam, Union, Gilchrist and Levy counties. Contact us online or at 352-264-1910 to schedule a meeting.

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